Anal Vibrators

Fun Factory Stronic Zwei

Fun Factory Stronic Zwei $199.99

The Fun Factory Stronic Zwei is an exciting new silicone vibrator with 10 different rhythmic pulsating settings that is specifically designed for anal stimulation. The Stronic Zwei vibrating sex toy also sports a very practical hilt safety handle with a flared base and it’s very quiet and easy to... More >>

Fun Factory Duke

Fun Factory Duke $99.99

German design firm Fun Factory® is renowned for their ergonomic sex toys in high-quality materials, and “The Duke” – a rechargeable, cordless anal vibrator that stimulates both the prostate and perineum – is no exception. The unique shape combines an upper bulge that hits your P-spot with a curved... More >>

The Big Boy

The Big Boy $63.00

The Big Boy is a large sized dual function male silicone sex toy designed to stimulate the prostate and the perineum at the same time. The prostate stimulation end has a set of anal balls that gradually get bigger the deeper you go, while the perineum stimulation end has 3 small ridges and... More >>

The Butt Boy

The Butt Boy $63.00

The Butt Boy is a conical, dual function male silicone sex toy designed to stimulate the prostate and the perineum at the same time. This design allows the Butt Boy to hit and work both male G Spots at once, massaging the inside and outside of the anal area simultaneously. A RO-80mm bullet vibe is... More >>

Tantus B Bomb Anal Vibe

Tantus B Bomb Anal Vibe $49.00

The Tantus B Bomb anal vibe has a smooth surface ideal for allowing anal play beginners the opportunity to explore anal sensations without the overwhelming feeling of ribbed shafts. The tapered tip gently relaxes and stretches ass muscles so even the tightest ass will be prepared for anal sex after... More >>

Tantus Prostate Play Massager

Tantus Prostate Play Massager $68.00

The Prostate Health Massager is made for a man’s pleasure, relaxation, and health. It has a bulbous, flexible shaft designed so it can adjust to the body’s natural curves. Comes with a mini-bullet vibrator to hit the P-spot with a nice massage. The Prostate Health anal plug is made from 100%... More >>

Zing Vibrating Plug

Zing Vibrating Plug $49.00

The rounded, tapered tip of the shiny Zing anal plug makes gradual insertion easy. Ribbing along the body provides extra stimulation. It has a place in the base for a micro mini vibrator (included, -- and a fun little toy on its own). The micro mini vibrator is battery-powered; no wires or control... More >>

ProTouch Vibrating Silicone Plug

ProTouch Vibrating Silicone Plug $49.00

The curved shaft of the Protouch is shaped for effective stimulation of the male anal prostate gland. As with all silicone toys, the Protouch holds heat well, and can be warmed or cooled for a variety of sensations. In addition, the Protouch is harness compatible, and comes complete with a mini... More >>

Pandora Vibrating Silicone Prostate Massager

Pandora Vibrating Silicone Prostate Massager $38.00

Open up Pandora's toy box and see what pleasures await! This attractive little anal plug is made of high quality, vibrant blue silicone. Pandora's tip is specially formed to stimulate a man's prostate.

A push button on Pandora's base cycles the toy through 7 vibrating modes: low,... More >>

The Tristan 2 Vibrating Anal Plug

The Tristan 2 Vibrating Anal Plug $58.00

The brainchild of Tristan Taormino, author of The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women, the Tristan 2 is a high quality, 100% silicone anal plug and is suited to the intermediate to advanced anal afficianado.

The cleverly designed base is flanged for safety but is cut away on the sides... More >>

Expanding Vibrating Anal Plug

Expanding Vibrating Anal Plug $31.50

This wonderful plug both expands and vibrates! It's a great plug for anal enthusiasts who enjoy varying widths and vibrations. Choose the size that's perfect for you and let the multi-vibrations push you over the edge of pleasure!

This toy comes in either black or beige latex, with a... More >>


Batteries $5.00

For any and all of your needs to keep your vibrator humming and your butt plug buzzing.

• AA - 4 pack
• AAA - 4 pack
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Replacement Batteries

Replacement Batteries $2.75

Playfully packaged by the "Dead Batteries" company, these replacement 1.5V batteries are ready to go when you run out of power. Each pack contains three batteries, and you may be pleasantly surprised by the packaging.... More >>

Anal Pleasure Wand

Anal Pleasure Wand $64.00

This multispeed, anal pleasure wand is sure to hit the spot every time – both of them, in fact. Made of phthalate free PVC, this waterproof anal toy massages the scrotum and... More >>