Acrylic CBT Board (C452)


Acrylic CBT Board

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This devilish item is an acrylic penis-shaped board meant for CBT and penis bondage. The board is expertly hand cut with smooth edges. The Acrylic CBT Board has a series of grooves and holes cut into it that allow any number of elaborate ties to be made around the penis, against the board, to keep the penis bound and ready for CBT play.

This board can be used with Rawhide Lace, floss, or thin hemp rope, sold separately.

The Acrylic CBT Board is 11 3/4" long, including a thin rounded lip that fits between the cheeks. The testicle portion of the board is 5 3/4" long, and the shaft portion is 3" wide. The board is 1/4" thick and comes in a variety of colors.

Made in the USA