Acrylic Ball Crusher (C705)


Acrylic Ball Crusher

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The Acrylic Ball Crusher is a very effective device designed for CBT.

The Acrylic Ball Crusher is very similar to the Acrylic Cock and Ball Crusher , but with the difference being that the Ball Crusher provides an extra hole for the penis to escape through. This focuses all the pressure and attention on the testicles, providing an intense ball crushing and testicular torment experience.

Two acrylic plates are connected at the top with a hinge and separated by two 1¾” screws at the bottom of the device. The back plate has a hole for putting the cock and balls through. The front plate has a hole for the cock to stick out of, leaving the testicles trapped inside the device. Wing-nuts are used on the screws to bring the plates closer together. You can tighten the crusher all the way, making the open space only 1” wide. Or you can make the space almost 1¾” wide (the length of the screws) for a lighter crushing.

The front plate with the cock-hole is clear acrylic, and the back plate with the ball-hole is dark-tint acrylic. Both acrylic plates are 5” across and 7” long.

The Acrylic Ball Crusher is available in three sizes. The sizes of the devices are the same, but the sizes of the cock and ball holes are different.

Small (C705):
Cock-hole diameter= 1¼”
Ball-hole diameter= 1¾”

Medium (C706):
Cock-hole diameter= 1½"
Ball-hole diameter= 2"

Large (C707):
Cock-hole diameter= 1¾”
Ball-hole diameter= 2¼”

Hot ball crushing fantasies are easily fulfilled with the Acrylic Ball Crusher. Hot and erotic CBT action.

Made in the USA