30" Buffalo Hide Flogger (RJ02285)


30" Buffalo Hide Flogger

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If you are searching for a simple yet stunning flogger with flair, this 30’’ Buffalo Hide Flogger is exactly what you desire. Made from thick and luxurious Buffalo hide, this flogger is a unique addition to any collection. With dozens of 3/8 inch wide falls, this flogger is topped off with intricately twisted nylon rope forming decorative knots on the top and bottom of the handle, and alternating twists of nylon wrapping the bulk of the weighted and solid shaft. Topped off with a braided leather wrist strap, no detail on this amazing whip is neglected.

•  22.5in / 57.2cm length of falls
•  10in / 25.4cm handle
•  5in / 12.7cm actual wrist loop length

Available in the following colors:
•  Silver/Black (Silver/Black is exclusive to Stockroom)
•  Red/Black
•  Black
•  Blue/Black (*Currently out of stock)

Safety and Usage
Break in and keep your whip in shape with regular use, while keeping it free of moisture or dirt. Both dirt and water will damage the whip and ruin it quickly. Many leather conditioners are designed to soften and moisturize, and therefore should be used sparingly or not at all.

Made in the USA